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Custom Mold Making


Sculptors offer a service to do original pieces on the wheel or hand-sculpted to your direction. 

The cost of such a service is by the project and based on complexity and size. 

If you already have an original piece you would like to put into production this step can be bypassed providing it's appropriate for a ceramic mold.

Custom Molds

The mold making is the process of bringing an original piece to production. It does include taking the original piece and producing the first original mold. This mold is one of a kind and normally cost is figured in terms of mold making time. The more complex the mold, the more costly the process.


This process includes taking the initial master mold through the process of making a rubber block, so the initial mold can be duplicated for finished product production. 

Cost is determined by rubber weight.

The three steps of Sculpture, Mold making and Making a rubber block prepares your product for the mold duplication process. 

Some may only want one mold,  so a rubber block will not be needed.


I've designed custom Molds for Doc Holliday Molds for 22 years.

If you would like more infromation or inquirer about having a mold made please call or email 

James Adams 

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