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30 colors called “Glaze Elements” by Colors for Earth.  The Glaze Elements are vivid,  NON TOXIC glazes applied to bisque.  These non-moving glazes provide smooth coverage and can be applied side-by-side for controlled application.

With Soft Fan Glaze Brush apply 2-3 coats to bisque of most of the glazes, matte glazes are 3-4 coats unless otherwise specified on label.  Whether you are looking for a semi-transparent, gloss, matte or a designer contemporary glaze you will find what you need in the Glaze Elements line.  Look for specific firing directions on product labels.          

Color Strokes

62 Vibrant Colors called "Color Strokes", by Colors for Earth, produce the beautiful coverage of an underglaze and can be directly applied to bisque.  While applying three coats will produce solid coverage, you can also apply a single coat to achieve brushstrokes or use in a pattern.  Unlike other bisque underglazes, the CS line can also be applied to greenware (as long as you do not cover the entire piece) and produces beautiful smooth results.  NON- TOXIC and food safe when covered with transparent or clear glaze, or attain the look and functionality of a Chalkboard when the colors are left unglazed.  Not only can you create a "chalkboard look", but the Specked Base can be added to any Color Stroke (or Color Concentrate) to get a speckled look. Caps and tips, specifically designed to fit the CS bottles are also available to use for design work.  Color Strokes allow you to create beautiful projects without working on delicate greenware and give you many creative options.
Translucent Underglazes
These 39 bright fired colors can be used straight from the bottle on greenware or bisque. Called "Color Concentrates" by Colors for Earth, because they are pure pigment suspended in a gel base, making application velvety smooth.  Color Concentrates are extremely versatile and are great for one stroke painting and detail work.  These should be covered with transparent or clear glaze by brushing or dipping.NON-TOXIC and food safe, CC's are kid friendly and perfect for finger painting, antiquing or hand painting on bisque, stamping, bubble painting and more!