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We're A Ceramic Teaching Facility. 
We carry a full line of Paints, Stains, and Glazes that appeal to everyone. Everyone is welcome to stop by and sign up for the class of your choosing or pick up some supplies to finish your projects. 
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Easy to use wet or dry


To paint on sprinkle your glitter into the SP03 gloss sealer for easy paint on application.


Use it dry   To place the glitter where you want it, put on SP05 Docs glue and sprinkle on the glitter. WARNING!!!! using this method some glitter may brush off so sprinkle it on your piece over a mat so the excess can be placed back in your jar.

Some of our glitter colors are a blend of similar colors for that unique appearance you have not seen before. All our glitter products are ultra fine and give a elegant look to finish your projects in a spectacular fashion.

Just Released----Group 2 Spring and Easter Colors



GT-009  Berry Dazzle                  $ 23.40

GT-0010 Violet Dazzle                 $ 23.40

GT-0011  Pink Dazzle                   $ 23.40

GT-0012  Peach Dazzle                $ 23.40

GT-0013  Sapphire Dazzle          $ 23.40

GT-0014  Bermuda Fizz               $ 23.40

GT-0015  Lemon Twinkle            $ 23.40

GT-0016  Chartreuse Twinkle    $ 23.40


Packaging is by 6 pack in 1 oz jars. These are retail prices.


Group 1 Autumn and Christmas/winter Glitters




GT-001 Diamond             $ 23.40

GT-002 Twlight                  $23.40

GT-003 Gold Glitz              $ 23.40

GT-004 Silver Glitz            $23.40

GT-005 Autumn Dazzle    $ 23.40

GT-006 Green Dazzle        $ 23.40

GT-007 Red Dazzle            $ 23.40

GT-008 Blue Twinkle        $ 23.40


Packaging is by 6 pack in 1 oz jars. These are retail prices



SP03  Gloss it   $ 14.40 retail  for a pack of 6.

SP03 is a gloss sealer that drys clear and can be used with our glitters for a spectacular paint on glitter finish that won't come off.


For introductory specials to dealers and distributions, please call 859-887-1427.




For a kit of each group


A-AK 13 is our Autumn/Winter Glitters kit.8 1 oz jars of each color plus a 2 oz jar of SP03   $39.98 freight free.


A-AK14 is our Spring/Easter Glitter kit. 8 1 oz jars of each color plus a 2 oz jar of SP03   $39.98 freight free.


A-AK15 is our LARGE Glitter kit. 16 1 0z jars of each color of glitter from our line of glitters and 2 jars of 2 oz SP03            

$ 69.98  freight. free

Our 3rd line of glitter is here!!!
The new colors are
GT-0017 Opal
GT-0018 Ruby Dazzle
GT-0019 Forest Dazzle
GT-0020 Rose Fizz
GT-0021 Mystic Haze
GT-0022 Copper Dazzle
GT-0023 Black Diamond

GT-0024 Onyx Dazzle

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"Doc Holliday Teaching Center"

The Doc Holliday seminar program is expanding with new seminars and plans to bring in outstanding teachers in their area of expertise.

Doc Holliday Colors LLC has relocated to facility set up to promote our seminar program while we continue to supply quality paint products to our industry.


We are also doing one mold per month to use in our seminar program.

These new releases are available to our many customers, and are continuing to be done by James Adams and Pat Kasper.

Available now: New chip boards featuring all the acrylic colors and fingertip colors.  Since all our available Non-fired products are on one easy to hang or transport board, it will be a great merchandiser and color reference point. ---------Cost $70.00

We carry a full line of Fired and Non-Fired Products

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You can display your colors with our Chip Charts,

 We design new Charts each time we create new colors.

New Specials Below
Doc Holliday Messenger Bag

For all your paints, brushes, and supplies. A very stylish tote with plenty of room inside; extra pockets; and notice the special place to hold your phone or audio equipment. (Earbuds not included) Only $29.98

Doc Holliday Apron

The new two-pocket Port Authority apron from Doc Holliday. 100% cotton, high quality, stain release technology, with adjustable neck strap. Matches the Doc Holliday Tote. $29.98

To Order any of our fine products, call 1-859-887-1427 or email

Stackable Rack Merchandiser- Shown below

Each rack is 3 rows of 14 lanes for your 2oz squeeze bottles.
Each rack will have room for 42 different colors.

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