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Were a ceramic teaching facility.
 We carry a full line of paints, stains and glazes that appeal to everyone.  Everyone is welcome to stop by and sign up for the class of your choosing or pick up some supplies to finish your projects.

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Dealer of the Month

August 2017

East Coast Ceramics

16 Maple Branch Ct

Port Republic, NJ

My name is Diane and I own the East Coast Ceramics Shop. I started out doing ceramics when I was 9 years old. I cleaned, painted, and fired at that time. As the years passed I dabbled in ceramics now and then. As I reached retirement age, I decided that I needed something to keep me busy. I searched for a certain piece that was a “Friar Monk” holding a bunch of grapes. My mom made this piece in the 60’s, she did such a great job painting it and I absolutely loved it.  One day, I came across the mold on EBAY and I quickly made a bid and won the mold. I saw on the mold that it was from 1957. I was so excited about my find that I continued to search the web and found a shop nearby that had closed down. Again, I was in a frenzy and thought this was what I was supposed to do in my retirement. I submitted several bids. My husband was better at winning the bids so he took the job of winning the shop. We spent many weekends moving close to 1500 molds and other supplies including kilns. I needed to rent a storage unit to store my purchased gems. We filled up the unit to the max.

Since that time, I have added about 3500 more molds, gone to painting seminars, spent a few months helping a friend with her business and she taught me so much about the ceramic business. I cannot say how much I appreciated her help and guidance.

From this point, I took many classes at Doc Holliday and learned so much from their exceptional teachers.

I started to get my stuff in order and began teaching at a Senior Center in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. I have met some of the most beautiful people, some that have never done ceramics before. Some men and women that became extremely talented. My classes have a mutual sharing feeling, on colors and different ways of accomplishing what someone wants. The biggest part was what I got out of the class, it was so heartwarming, I felt great, and so satisfied that I was able to bring life to a community once a week. All of my students became good friends and wonderful artists.

I want to share one of my student’s feelings. His name was Paul, in his 80’s, never painted before, enjoyed being with people, and was a lot of fun to have in class. Paul worked on piece after piece, nativity set, angels, gnomes, churches, and Indian pieces. Paul got very sick at one time and was hospitalized and he told his wife to bring him some paints and a piece of ceramics to paint at the hospital. He needed his ceramic fix. When I got hurt in an accident, Paul would come to the house and sit with me, my friend John, and my brother Ric. It was so GREAT to know that I touched someone like that.

So this was it….my retirement was satisfied. I have since gained another Senior Center in Nesco, NJ and again what a joy, the smiles, the comments about pieces that they have made. I LOVE MY JOB….

In order for me to survive the demands of the Ceramic Industry, I have two men that help me to manage that part of the job. My husband, Gary who keeps us stocked with slip, pouring the molds and removing the greenware from the molds when ready, sometimes he helps clean the greenware and loads and unloads the kilns. He also takes care of keeping my Website and ETSY Store up and running.  Then there is John, a good friend from my high school days, he helps me with the classes, loading and unloading the car, and keeps everyone laughing. John has started to paint and has produced some very beautiful pieces.  He also helps clean greenware when I need an extra hand.     


My other BEST part of the business is that I get to deal with Doc Holliday Colors and the rest of their product line. They have become part of my family. I absolutely LOVE their paint line and their creative molds. They have gone out of their way to accommodate me as a customer. If they do not have what I need they find it through one of their other customers.  Doc Holliday also runs some of best seminars; I have learned so much from all of them…Thank YOU!

I have now been busy with this project for at least five or six years, and I LOVE every minute of it. Thanks for all the help and support you have given me!                   


Faithfully yours,


Doc Holliday DH1000 Bass Mold painted with Doc Holliday Acrylic Stains and Finger Tip Gold.  Painted by John

Kentucky Pottery 18” Trees using Doc Holliday Acrylic Stains, Antique-It, Gloss-It and Glitter. Painted by Gary

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